Fall is Approaching!

As the summer winds down and we head back to school, the transition to the fall season begins. We get excited to pull out cardigans, layer our outfits, warm up our hair color, add plums and charcoals to our makeup and most of all Pumpkin Spice latte! Yum!! So, what to do with your summer clothes? Well, let's take a look at pieces that can be used for the transition. Tops that are spaghetti strap and tank tops in neutrals like black, tan, white, plum or navy keep in your closet. These are great under a light cardigan or denim jacket, especially for the afternoons that creep back up to 80 degrees. Cropped jeans are also a great transition piece as they can be worn with wedges or booties throughout the fall. And what about all those fun short summer dresses? Follow the same rule as the tops and hold on to anything neutral, they can always be paired with a pair of tights or leggings. We are here to help you, so stop by our store and we can style some outfits for you! #BellaBabe