The Power of "Beauty"

So what is "Beauty"? Think of the power that term holds.

It can make or break your day... depending on if you wake up with a pimple or not.  It can brighten the mood when your jeans fit perfectly or kill it when your hair is frizzy. It can also fluctuate with the 5 lbs you gain or loose, so don't eat the extra piece of pizza girlfriend ;)

But even more so, beauty comes from with in! It's the hello you said to your neighbor when you got your mail, or the compliment you gave the girl at the coffee counter. It's the smile that radiates from within you that spreads kindness! When you possess this kind of "Beauty" you become "Ciao Bella" The term of endearment that you give to someone who you feel is beautiful. So hold your head high, smile and share the power of a Hello Beautiful with someone you know!