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  • 5 Wardrobe Essentials

    5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Closet Needs 1. A Clutch Bag (specifically rose gold) This is the perfect clutch for your day trip with your girlfriends or your nightly adventures with your boo! It comes with a cross body strap so you can't loose sight of it ;) 2. Fuzzy Sweater Whether you'... View Post
  • Fall is Approaching!

    As the summer winds down and we head back to school, the transition to the fall season begins. We get excited to pull out cardigans, layer our outfits, warm up our hair color, add plums and charcoals to our makeup and most of all Pumpkin Spice latte! Yum!! So, what to do with your summer clothes?... View Post
  • The Power of "Beauty"

    So what is "Beauty"? Think of the power that term holds. It can make or break your day... depending on if you wake up with a pimple or not.  It can brighten the mood when your jeans fit perfectly or kill it when your hair is frizzy. It can also fluctuate with the 5 lbs you gain or loose, so do... View Post